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of our operating budget came from donations, allowing for critical investments in reporting, photography and editing


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Since 2019, our community has invested more than $4 million in philanthropic support to help strengthen our newsroom


To the many donors and grantors who so generously supported our work in 2021. As part of our commitment to transparency, The Salt Lake Tribune publishes the names of all of those who make gifts totaling $5,000 and above.

$100,000 and up

Joseph M. Simmons Foundation, In Memory of Joseph Simmons

Clark and Christine Ivory Foundation

$50,000 – $99,999

Sorenson Legacy Foundation

The Swartz Foundation

$25,000 – $49,999

Wheeler Foundation

$10,000 – $24,999

Val A. Browning

The Cumming Foundation

Miami Foundation


Elaine Klein and Craig Wallentine

Ben Damstedt

B.W. Bastian Foundation

Frank-Ratchye Family Fund

Kanter Family Foundation

John and Anne Milliken

Christian Peel

$5,000 – $9,999

Gary G. Sackett and Toni Marie Sutliff

Randy Dryer

Linda Leckman, MD

John and Marcia Price

H.O. Whiteside Fund

Ed Sweeney

George and Mary Hall

The Memton Fund

Richard Koehn and Sheryl Scott

Barbara Watkins

Lawrence T. and Janet T. Dee Foundation

Leslye Ingersoll

Chuck Norlin Household

Greg Skordas and Rebecca Hyde Skordas

First Amendment Society

donors committed to donating at least $1,000 a year for three years

Lifeline – $10,000

Ben Damstedt Household

Frank-Ratchye Family Fund

Kanter Family Foundation

Elaine Klein and Craig Wallentine

John and Anne Milliken

Christian Peel

Deadline – $5,000

Bruce and Diana Bugbee

Randy Dryer

George and Mary Hall

Linda Leckman, MD

Greg Skordas and Rebecca Hyde Skordas

H.O. Whiteside Fund

Headline – $2,500

Patricia and Robert Bayer

Ronna Cohen & Stan Rosenzweig

Nancy Melling and Lex Hemphill

Ashish Patel

Dinesh and Kalpana Patel

Ed Sweeney

Jonathan M. Ruga

Angela Welling

Byline – $1,000


David Bennett

Andrew and Claire Bjelland

C. Kim and Jane C. Blair Household

Jerry Borrowman

Michael H. Bourne

Kristen Carroll, MD

Cook-Scholnick Fund

Mary Corporon and Frederick Hightower

The Crandell Family Charitable Fund, in memory of Marjorie S. Hildebrand

Sherri Devashrayee Wittwer and J. David Wittwer

Fred Esplin

James Gaddis

Ray and Howard Grossman Charitable Fund

Patricia Guenther and Glenn Ricart

Tim & Amy Haran Charitable Fund

Francoise and John Hibbs

Bruce and Diana Juhlin Charitable Fund

Robert B. and Linda S. Keiter

Carl and Vanessa Laurella

Kaplan-Lipson Family Fund

Jean M. Lown and W. Bryan Dixon

Nancy Melich and Lex Hemphill

Steve Mecham

Peter and Kathleen Metcalf

Holly Mullen

Fraser Nelson

Micheal O’Brien and Jones Waldo Law Firm

Erik and Katie Olson

Dave Patel

James Roberts

Tyler Riggs

Dick and Susan Rosetta

Ginny and Gerry Rothstein

Gary G. Sackett and Toni Marie Sutliff

Salzburg Family

Zach and Lauren Selby

James E. Shelledey and Susan E. Thomas

Gary M. Stephenson

Tom VanWinkle

Paul and Carol Wetzel

Garry Blake and Karen Winslow-Blake

Become a member of the First Amendment Society, a group of dedicated, generous individuals who believe that the free press and The Tribune are vital to the health of our community, our state and our democracy. Members receive exclusive opportunities for updates and invitations to special mission-related events and meet a few times a year to share their thoughts with us. They also receive an annual digital subscription to The New York Times.

For more information on how to join the First Amendment Society, contact Development Director at

End of year campaign

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In partnership with our matching donors we raised $291,327 for our end-of-the-year campaign, exceeding our initial goal of $150,00.

Board members

Paul C. Huntsman

Erin Laney Barr

Randy Dryer

Fred Esplin

Jorge Fierro

Ciel Hunter 

Holly Mullen

Ashish Patel

Dave Patel

James E. Shelledy

Angie Welling

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