Great Salt Lake Collaborative

The Salt Lake Tribune was a founding member of the collaboration that gathered 23 organizations committed to educating and engaging the public about the crisis facing Great Salt Lake as it shrinks to historic lows. The collaborative has produced/shared 245 stories since Jan.15 2022 about the lake. They completed two major joint solution reporting projects, one in California and another in Las Vegas. Ten community organizations —representing scientists, writers, librarians, researchers, historians, artists — engaged the public in new ways about the lake. We are bringing people to the lake and the lake to the people through social media, a trivia night, tabling at various events, lake tours, library events and a community anthology.

The collaborative has produced/shared 245 stories  since Jan. 15 2022!

The Center for Cooperative Media named this collaborative as one of the top collabs of 2022.

(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) A plane flies into the Salt Lake City International Airport as inversion conditions settle into the valley, in February 2022.

Report For America

The Tribune’s collaboration with Report for America continues to be a great success. Report for America places emerging journalists in newsrooms throughout the country, covering a portion of their salaries while the news organizations fundraise for the rest. At The Tribune, we are proud to call Leto Sapunar, Bethany Baker and Alixel Cabrra our colleagues. 

Alixel has shared out west-siders bear the brunt of our bad air and how Dreamers are calling on Senator Romney to help find a permanent solution for citizenship. Leto has covered some of the massive tech industry lay-offs happening in Utah while focusing on business accountability reporting. Bethany has added a much needed videographer presence to The Salt Lake Tribune and has shared a wide range of stories on many different platforms for readers to see. 

“The solution to the profound crisis we’re facing right now is local news…” Report for America founder Steve Waldman said. “People are starting to understand that having strong long news is…one of the most important parts of the solution.

(Paul Fraughton | Tribune file photo) The Salt Lake Tribune office building at the Gateway mall.

Pro Bono Legal Initiative:

The pro bono effort comes as government entities have increasingly denied reporters’ requests for public documents.

A group of five Utah law firms will provide up to 500 hours of support as The Tribune seeks public records from entities throughout the state, in an effort to hold leaders to account and understand how taxpayer dollars are being spent.

Michael O’Brien, an attorney with Parsons Behle & Latimer, has represented The Tribune for years. He said having a lawyer in the room during the appeals process levels the playing field for journalists. Every government entity that Tribune reporters try to get records from, O’Brien pointed out, has access to in-house lawyers, city attorneys or help from the attorney general’s office.

“Just like the government has a whole team of lawyers hopefully helping the government comply with [open records laws], but maybe sometimes finding ways not to release documents, the news media needs lawyers from time to time to help pry that lid of secrecy,” he said, “and bring some fresh air and sunshine into what’s going on in government.”

“Sent Away” is an investigative podcast from The Salt Lake Tribune, KUER and APM Reports.

Sent Away

“Sent Away” is a podcast from The Salt Lake Tribune, KUER and APM Reports that explores that systemic failure through a focus on just one of these programs. Tucked in a bedroom community in southern Utah, what happened at this home for teen girls highlights the problems that spurred former residents and state lawmakers to demand change.

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